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Produce elegant and efficient designs based on real customer insights

The only thing missing from your current UX process is proving that your customers actually want what you have to offer.

Onboarding Aurelius' data driven qualitative research repository means providing a positive user experience, staying on trend, and gathering key insights that produce bulletproof designs.


Research like a researcher (even if you aren't one)

We get it. Research is just part of your role, not your entire role.

Aurelius's formal research tool allows you to act, think, and work like a researcher (so you can stay focused on pixel perfect designs).


Tag and generate key insights

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Without reliable data, it's a nightmare to build key insights that convert to a better UX. Highlight your research instead and generate key insights instantly with Aurelius’ global tagging.

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Share data with anyone, anywhere

Aurelius’ unlimited user outlook means sharing your findings with any and every stakeholder or cross-functional partner. Share live data and instantly see where your research stands.


Group and organize key insights and recommendations from across multiple projects around a central theme, persona, product, feature, etc.

Unlimited Users

Invite anyone and everyone from your company with no extra charge

Advanced Permissions

Invite people as admin, team members or read-only users for all access or per project

Ready to start organizing and sharing your insights?

Join the hundreds of UX designers optimizing Aurelius' qualitative research repository.