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We're researchers, too. So we know how frustrating it is not to have the right tools. You end up...

  • Patching together spreadsheets, collaboration tools and list apps never built for the purpose
  • Tinkering with custom solutions that take too long to build and maintain
  • Force-fitting research tools into your process, only to find they're too complex, too rigid or just not powerful enough ("more work than they're worth")
"To be honest Box notes and Confluence pages just weren't cutting it for us. The ability to tag, and create insights in Aurelius gave me a low effort way to track and reference insights when having product discussions... our team of ~20 designers was looking for a way to keep track of all of the research we've been acquiring."

John Pawlenty

UX Designer at Paylocity

You need a research and insights platform robust enough to handle your end-to-end process — without any of the complexities that slow you down.

"When I saw how easy it was to import hundreds of notes in seconds and how simple it made finding key insights, I knew someone had finally made a tool that simplified and streamlined data synthesis. What I wasn't ready for, however, was how helpful Aurelius was when it came time to put meaning to the insights and begin formulating the best way to communicate the findings."

Callie Blixrud

UX Strategist and Researcher

Aurelius is the more streamlined, more powerful tool designed by researchers, for researchers.

"The tool itself is powerful simplicity - it's what researchers do already, just, now there's a tool that does it. For any kind of qualitative research, you're already doing this somehow. This is a tool that helps you do it better."

Sean Connelly

User Researcher

Simple, lightweight and flexible, Aurelius includes everything you need and nothing you don't.

  • Quickly import and flexibly organize all your data by projects, categories and tags
  • Cut data by tags to make sense of information and discover clear patterns
  • Search across projects by tags and keywords, to find exactly what you need
  • Name and describe your insights as they emerge, then connect big ideas with data
  • Share your work easily and confidently back up your insights with evidence

Other tools let you store research. Aurelius lets you organize and share synthesized findings to drive better business decisions.

Because research only matters if you can make it meaningful on the spot.

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"I'm now able to quickly synthesize a higher volume of data than ever before and pull it into my work seamlessly. I didn't think this was possible without an enterprise tool."

Anna Bolton

Conversion Copywriter

"If you do any sort of research, strategy or business development, Aurelius will become your new go-to tool. It helps make sense of the mess of information, see patterns, track your thoughts, deepen understanding and even concept out communication. Best research tool I have used yet, both solo and with a team."

Callie Blixrud

UX Strategist and Researcher

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