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Tag, Organize, Search and Share All Your User Research Insights in One Place

From Raw Research Data to Key Insights in Moments

Aurelius helps UX, research and product teams...

Analyze User Research Faster

Figure out what you learned from all your user research notes and feedback faster and easier than ever

Easily Share Key Insights

Create and share key insight nuggets from your user research to communicate and share what you learned with all the supporting details

Search Everything In One Place

Build a user research repository of all your user research insights and data in one place to easily search and reuse

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UX Designers, Researchers and Product Leaders Love Aurelius

Joe Sokohl

"...the ability to tag research findings with multiple words and have those tags available on type-ahead has been invaluable... the Key Insights area serves as the core of a project--all the research findings in the world are meaningless unless you can derive meaning from them. Aurelius helps me make sense out of the forest of findings."

"Aurelius provides a wonderfully cost-effective way to collaborate on research findings and insight-making."

Joe Sokohl, Senior UX Consultant and Strategist at Liquid Hub & Regular Joe Consulting

"I have tried so many digital note taking and data synthesis tools, but always feel like they are more work than they are worth and end up back at paper and postit notes. I am so glad I gave it one more try and began using Aurelius. When I saw how easy it was to import hundreds of notes in seconds and how simple it made finding key insights, I knew someone had finally made a tool that simplified and streamlined data synthesis. What I wasn't ready for however, was how helpful Aurelius was when it came time to put meaning to the insights and begin formulating the best way to communicate the findings. If you do any sort of research, strategy or business development, Aurelius will become your new go-to tool. It helps make sense of the mess of information, see patterns, track your thoughts, deepen understanding and even concept out communication. I would highly recommend giving Aurelius a try."

Callie Blixrud, UX Strategist and Researcher at Best Buy

"Okay I love Key Insights. Damn this is better than Trello. It lets me tackle the big picture on topics that cross categories. It also lets me "show my work" and back up my insights with evidence easily. Okay I really really like this."

Joel Lueders, Freelance UX Designer

"Aurelius has helped our UX research team house LOTS of feedback for the entire company to easily digest!"

Josh Kaeding, Senior User Experience Researcher at 3M

"...this product looks super solid... this type of tool seems like the missing link between research and action... much needed for so many companies."

Jake Haugen, Senior User Experience Designer at The Trade Desk

Mallory Kwiatowski

“… so far I love it! It helps me to stick user feedback there and get it out of my email inbox, and when I'm ready to work through it, it's all in one place. Great tool and very easy to use.”

Mallory Kwiatkowski, Change Manager at University of Michigan

Sean Connelly

“The tool itself is powerful simplicity - it's what researchers do already, just, now there's a tool that does it. For any kind of qualitative research, you're already doing this somehow. This is a tool that helps you do it better.“

Sean Connelly, User Researcher

Joe Moran

"It's a great way to organise and find research insights easily and quickly. Its clean interface allows me to simply get what I need, rather than searching through features..."

Joe Moran, Product Research Scientist at Cogito Corp

Key Features

Visualize Your Research Data

Charts and Visualizations

Beautiful charts that help you summarize and view your research notes and insights

Understand what you learned at a glance with data visualizations for each project, tags and our Universal Search.

Import hundreds of notes in seconds

Bulk Input Notes

Copy and paste your research notes, survey responses or social media feedback right into Aurelius to create individual data points.

Take your notes and feedback from anywhere and bring it into Aurelius to tag, organize, search and create Key Insights in a breeze.

Copy and Paste... yes...

...create multiple notes in seconds.

Create Compelling Research Insights with Supporting Evidence

Key Insights (aka "nuggets")

Rapidly create Key Insights or UX research nuggets and link every single note, observation or document that backs up and supports what you learned.

Share the high points of what you learned with all the supporting individual data behind it so your team can design and build better products and features in a snap.

Turn this...

...into this

Search and Share Your Research Insights

Universal Search

Find anything by keywords or tags

Search everything in Aurelius by keyword, tags or both! Find and reuse research research notes and Key Insights faster than ever before. Quickly find what you learned across every project in Aurelius to build themes and share research knowledge with everyone.


Organize and share Key Insights in seconds

Group and share key research findings from any and all of your projects in one place. Collections allow you to quickly create a group of key insights to make a research report, answer a stakeholder question or share what you learned about a specific topic or theme.




30 day free trial - all features, all access, no restrictions

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