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Build products and features that matter most to your business and its customers

Turn Chaos Into Product Strategy

Aurelius helps designers and product leaders create a clear connection between every decision and recommendation they make, how it impacts business goals, the user research insights that back it up and how to measure its success.
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All Your User Research & Customer Feedback In One Place

Every single note, every single insight from everyone on your team in one place. Create real insights that clearly show what you learned from user research and link them to design decisions and product recommendations. Forget searching through documents and post-it notes. Make your research insights more powerful than ever.

Solve the Right Problems For Your Business & Your Customers

Make design decisions and product recommendations linked directly to each goal they support, all backed by specific customer insights you created. Decisions in Aurelius give you confidence that you’re building the right features and products for your business and its customers.
Every design and product decision...
…supported by goals that define what a “good” decision is for your customers and your company…
…backed by real user research insights…
…with supporting documents and assets…
…and metrics for how you’ll measure the success of every decision.
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"The biggest benefit of Aurelius is allowing us to find and consider all relevant research findings needed to make informed decisions and to create models of instructional workflow."

John Bowie –Director, User Experience – Edmentum

"I don’t come from a research background so staying organized is an uphill battle. That’s why Aurelius is great, it provides me with a structure and template to get the flurry of activity surrounding a research phase into a single location where I can actually use it. Aurelius is the way it’s supposed to work. I no longer have to keep data in an Evernote note or a Basecamp checklist… in those tools, it’s not synthesized, they’re just holding it. Aurelius is the way research data is supposed to exist, so that I can turn chaos into strategy"

Chris Cashdollar –Design Leader & Strategist – Cashdollar Design

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