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UX Designers, User Researchers and Product Leaders Love Aurelius

Joe Moran

"It's a great way to organise and find research insights easily and quickly. Its clean interface allows me to simply get what I need, rather than searching through features..."

Joe Moran, Product Research Scientist at Cogito Corp

Mallory Kwiatowski

“… so far I love it! It helps me to stick user feedback there and get it out of my email inbox, and when I'm ready to work through it, it's all in one place. Great tool and very easy to use.”

Mallory Kwiatkowski, Change Manager at University of Michigan

Sean Connelly

“The tool itself is powerful simplicity - it's what researchers do already, just, now there's a tool that does it. For any kind of qualitative research, you're already doing this somehow. This is a tool that helps you do it better.“

Sean Connelly, User Researcher

Make, Find and Share User Research Insights Faster and Easier Than Ever Before.

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