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Dovetail vs. Aurelius

If you’re in charge of bringing structure to your research in a large organization, you’re going to want more than just a pretty face for your research repository.

UX researchers and research operations leaders prefer Aurelius over Dovetail due to its unmatched abilities for qualitative analysis; including powerful tagging, insights, collections, intelligence, and unlimited user access.


Top reasons why Dovetail users switch to Aurelius

Researchers who choose Aurelius prioritize reliability, customer satisfaction, and an all-in-one solution.

Pay for unlimited users, not limited contributors

Share your research and findings with stakeholders, cross-functional partners, teams, your mom, or anyone in between. Unlimited users means unlimited access to everyone who needs it.

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Powered by AI

If you value leveling up your insights with automatically generated paragraph summaries, key themes and keyword analysis based on your current data, to find patterns and themes faster and easier, Aurelius is for you.

Reporting done for you in report builder

Seriously. Automatically create a research report whenever you create a project. No manual input necessary.

Reliable integrations with JIRA

Let your tech stack work in tandem. Integrating JIRA to your research repository means creating action items from your insights, without running around multiple platforms and departments.


Bulk tagging, bulk actions

What if you could tag more than one insight at once? Or even tag multiple insights at once? Aurelius' bulk tagging means bulking time and tagging into one simple feature.

Use a true qualitative research platform

We prioritize function and fashion. Aurelius is a true qualitative research repository that optimizes and formalizes your research process while providing an elegant user experience.

Total flexibility

Every feature is designed to work for you, not with you. Total flexibility means pulling insights into collections, searching across all projects, and linking key research to share instantly with any and all users.

Ready to bring structure to your research with a true UX research repository?

Join the hundreds of research teams optimizing their process with Aurelius.