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Aurelius vs. Confluence

Wikis can be great for articles of text but when it comes to creating, tagging and finding key insights from user research it becomes a nightmare to search.

Tagging is basic and there’s no way to combine research to generate new insights, organize data across projects and get the most out of your research.


Top reasons why Confluence users switch to Aurelius

UX Research teams switch to Aurelius for it’s streamlined tagging, analysis and searching features built specfically for UX Researchers.

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For UX researchers, by UX researchers

Don't waste time making a general tool bend to your needs. We get you, because we are you. Aurelius derived from UX researchers who saw the opportunity to build a powerful, yet cost-effective platform, that actually caters towards your repository and analyses needs.


Capture key insights with supporting data

We value your time and money. Aurelius's A-list team of features means you're only getting the best features, and nothing that takes space. Lean features mean paying for exactly what you need (and removing the weight of everything you don't).


Powerful global tagging

What if you could tag notes, insights, recommendations and documents easily the way you want as a researcher? Gather data, analyze it fast and turn it into insights easily in Aurelius.

Turn insights into action

Capture ideas, suggestions, next steps and action items as recommendations - all linked with your research insights - to then share with anyone right from Aurelius.

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Create Affinity Diagrams

Use our Analysis Board to create affinity diagrams and make sense of research data the way you want. The power of kanban columns, a digital whiteboard and Aurelius all in one.

Automatic report builder

Does automating your reporting process for every project make sense? Then Aurelius is for you.

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Powered by AI

If you value leveling up your insights with automatically generated paragraph summaries, key themes and keyword analysis based on your current data, to find patterns and themes faster and easier, Aurelius is for you.


Quickly upload user interview audio, usability test session videos and turn them into notes - available in every plan.


Universal search

Easily find specific notes, individual insights or even research outcomes and recommendations to quickly organize, share and act on your qualitative research.

Ultimate flexibility

Trust that your UX research repository isn't just a hub. Flexible features mean making the platform an integral part of your workflow.

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Clips & Highlight reels

Quickly capture key moments from research recordings and create highlight reels to share important themes and tell a story.

Want to get more out of your UX Research efforts?

Join the hundreds of research teams streamlining their research practices with Aurelius.