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Democratize your research practice with a powerful research repository

You need a formal research operation that allows you to do analysis and trace decisions back to observations — without worrying if the work that you’re doing is relevant to your particular project or needs.

Aurelius empowers you and your team with a self-service repository and analysis tools. Share key insights with stakeholders, keep your team engaged with your research, make better product decisions, and provide solid customer experiences.


Store all research in a single, organized research repository.

Pulling research from multiple platforms is time-consuming and frustrating. Find the research you need when you need it with a self-service, all-in-one repository.

Generate key insights through global tagging and predictive keywords

Without reliable data, you can’t make reliable insights. Aurelius’ smart tagging and keyword intelligence mean building better, reliable products.

Notes and tags in Aurelius

Pull key insights across projects

Conducting research and insights manually is expensive and error-prone. Save time and remove assumptions by building insights across notes, collections, research, & more.

Key Insights

Capture findings with all your supporting data and documents


Create action items and outcomes from research linked with supporting key insights


Group and organize key insights and recommendations from across multiple projects around a central theme, persona, product, feature, etc.

Search across all projects


Digging through servers and platforms for information is gruesome. Get all of the data you need instantly by searching across projects for key insights.

Universal Search in Aurelius

Share findings with unlimited cross-functional partners

Scattered findings across platforms makes it really hard to share your work. Aurelius’ unlimited user access means sharing your work whenever you need to with whoever you need to.

Unlimited Users

Invite anyone and everyone from your company with no extra charge

Advanced Permissions

Invite people as admin, team members or read-only users for all access or per project

Read Only Access

Add team members, stakeholders and clients to see your research in read-only format

Ready to manage a democratized formal research practice?

Join the hundreds of organizations that are leveraging research and making better decisions with Aurelius.