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Straightforward access to the most powerful features at accessible prices.

There's a perfect-fit Aurelius plan for solo-researchers, teams and enterprises.


Solo & Agency Researches


per month, billed yearly

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  • Projects
    Organize all your research activities into projects
  • Notes
    Collect notes, observations and data from all your research efforts
  • Tags
    Add tags to notes, documents, key insights and more
  • Documents
    Upload pictures, audio, videos and more
  • Key Insights
    Create findings or nuggets of what you learned from research
  • Automatic Report Builder
    Automatically create a research report on every project
  • Transcriptions
    Transcribe audio and video files in over 180 different languages
  • Charts
    Visualizations of your research data and themes
  • Clips & Highlight Reels
    Group 37
    Quickly capture key moments from research recordings and create highlight reels to share important themes and tell a story.
  • Analysis Board
    Group 39
    Drag and drop notes, capture themes create affinity diagrams


In-House UX & Product Teams


per month, billed yearly

or buy Aurelius now

Includes all Pro features, +

  • Recommendations
    Go beyond findings and create recommendations from your research with linked key insights to support your recommendations
  • Universal Search
    Find anything across all your projects by keywords, tags or both
  • Collections
    Group and organize research across projects easily
  • Zapier Integration
    Send key insights and recommendations from your research to 3000+ tool automatically
  • All Recommendations View
    View every recommendation from every project quickly in one place
  • All Tags View
    Search, analyze and view tags across all your studies at once
  • All Insights View
    Quickly see every research insight in one place
  • Magic Upload
    Upload a document and create notes automatically in Aurelius like magic


Large In-House Teams

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Includes all Premium features, +

  • Priority Support
    Fastest response time and priority access to our first class support
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) with SAML 2.0
    Authenticate into Aurelius using SSO
  • IP Whitelisting
    Restrict certain IPs and IP ranges for additional security
  • Jira Integration
    Send key insights and recommendations from your Aurelius project straight to Jira closing the gap between your work and product development
  • Cross Project Insights & Recommendations
    Create insights and recommendations with data from multiple projects
  • Custom Types
    Create custom "type" labels for insights and recommendations to search and filter on globally
  • Advanced Permissions
    Read only access and project specific permissions
  • Risk Assessment & Security Reviews
    Aurelius will work with your team to complete custom risk assessments and/or security reviews
  • Penetration Testing Reports
    Access to our most recent penetration testing reports
  • Option for Custom Terms
    Option to discuss changes for custom terms of service, etc.
  • Custom Onboarding
    High touch assistance in getting your team up and running fast and efficiently in Aurelius
  • Personalized Training
    Personal 1 on 1 training sessions at your request
  • Custom Invoicing/Pay by PO
    Options for pay by invoice, purchase order and other payment terms

All tiers include: Unlimited Users, Unlimited Projects and Unlimited Storage

Need a private cloud version of Aurelius?

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All the essential tools for better research projects.
More features for finding, sharing and acting on research across multiple projects.
Priority Support and advanced features for large teams.

Unlimited Projects

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Storage





Frequently asked questions

Not seeing your question? Send us an email or chat below.

What if I need more than 30 days in the free trial?

No problem! We understand some people may need more than 30 days to try Aurelius. We offer extensions on free trials for those who need it. Contact us to request a trial extension.

What data and information can I put into Aurelius?

Just about anything! We have design, product and marketing teams that put all of their user research, customer feedback and product insights into Aurelius! You shouldn't add personally identifiable information in Aurelius ("PII data") or anything mean or illegal. See our Terms of Service for more detail.

Is Aurelius safe and secure?

Yes! You can read all about our security and protection methods in detail in our Security Policy but the high points are...

Every touchpoint is secure, monitored and traced by us - meaning we are as secure as any other publicly available software as a service (probably even more secure than some of them, but we don't mean to brag)

Aurelius is protected from DDoS attacks so our servers can't/won't go down from spam attacks.

Port scanning is prohibited so there's no sneaky access to your Aurelius by hijacking your access; we make sure that doesn't happen.

We use secure data centers with Google Cloud Platform (GCP). As a result, you get 99.9% uptime with Amazon level confidence. They're secure and so are we.

Finally, our entire database is backed up daily. If disaster strikes or there's an outage, we've got you covered.

What does "Unlimited" really mean?

We get it, it's hard to believe. Unlimited really means unlimited. In Aurelius, you get unlimited users, projects, notes, insights, documents and storage space. That simple. That awesome.

Who owns my data?

You do, plain and simple. You own your raw data and we don't share or resell that data to anyone. See our Terms of Service for more details.

Can I cancel?

Of course! You can cancel at any time during your 30 day free trial and during monthly subscriptions. Monthly plan cancellations will take affect the following month. Please note that yearly billing plans charge a discounted price up front and cancellations takes effect the following billing year.

Some of our happy customers

We'd love to add you to the list

Joe Sokohl

Senior UX Consultant and Strategist at Liquid Hub & Regular Joe Consulting

"...the ability to tag research findings with multiple words and have those tags available on type-ahead has been invaluable... the Key Insights area serves as the core of a project--all the research findings in the world are meaningless unless you can derive meaning from them. Aurelius helps me make sense out of the forest of findings."

"Aurelius provides a wonderfully cost-effective way to collaborate on research findings and insight-making."

Callie Blixrud

UX Strategist and Researcher

"I have tried so many digital note taking and data synthesis tools, but always feel like they are more work than they are worth and end up back at paper and post-it notes. I am so glad I gave it one more try and began using Aurelius. When I saw how easy it was to import hundreds of notes in seconds and how simple it made finding key insights, I knew someone had finally made a tool that simplified and streamlined data synthesis. What I wasn't ready for however, was how helpful Aurelius was when it came time to put meaning to the insights and begin formulating the best way to communicate the findings. If you do any sort of research, strategy or business development, Aurelius will become your new go-to tool. It helps make sense of the mess of information, see patterns, track your thoughts, deepen understanding and even concept out communication. I would highly recommend giving Aurelius a try."

If you deal with data or any sort- this should be your new go-to tool. These guys have done a knock out job.

Josh Kaeding

Senior User Experience Researcher at 3M

"Aurelius has helped our UX research team house LOTS of feedback for the entire company to easily digest!"