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Analyze, search and share all your research insights in one place.

From raw research data to key insights in moments

Simple, lightweight and flexible- Aurelius includes everything you need and nothing you don't.


Organize everything to build a research repository

Search, share and store UX research with ease.


Quickly search notes across multiple sessions or participants and create groups or themes to analyze later


Group and organize key insights and recommendations from across multiple projects around a central theme, persona, product, feature, etc.

Search Across Projects

Find anything across multiple studies and projects

Transcriptions + Zoom Integration

Quickly import Zoom recordings and transcribe any audio from interviews and research sessions

Jira Integration

Send key insights and recommendations from your research right in the place your development teams work

Unlimited Users

Invite anyone and everyone from your company with no extra charge


"Aurelius is flexible to accommodate a range of research projects—from usability tests to expert interviews to field research. And we can easily revisit our notes and insights to respond to evolving business needs and questions. No more mining research reports and spreadsheets hidden away long ago in a forgotton folder."

Bethany Stolle

Bethany Stolle

Design Research Lead at Blackboard

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Analyze and Make Sense of Research Data...FAST

Search by keywords, tag notes in bulk, capture themes and use AI Assist to make sense of research data faster and easier than ever

AI Assist for Aurelius - Automatically generate a summary paragraph and key themes from any research data - turn them into searchable key insights in seconds
Keyword Search + Bulk Tag

Quickly search notes across multiple sessions or participants and create groups or themes to analyze later

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Analysis Board

Create affinity diagrams, themes and insights with the power of kanban cards, a digital whiteboard and Aurelius all in one

Project Tags Page

Slice and dice your research data by tags, keywords and sentiment to figure out what you learned... FAST

Turn this...

...into this

Key insight details in Aurelius

"I'm now able to quickly synthesize a higher volume of data than ever before and pull it into my work seamlessly. I didn't think this was possible without an enterprise tool."

Anna Bolton

Anna Bolton

Conversion Copywriter

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Create Insights, Capture Recommendations & Share Reports

Share findings, recommendations, summaries and reports in moments

Key insight details in Aurelius
Key insights list in Aurelius
Key Insights

Capture findings with all your supporting data and documents


Create action items and outcomes from research linked with supporting key insights

Report Builder

Automatically create a research report on every project

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Clips & Highlight reels

Create clips from audio and video files, make highlight reels to tell a story and share them to build empathy with recordings from real research sessions

Clips in Aurelius
Highlight reels in Aurelius
Group 34

Quickly capture clips from audio and video recordings

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Highlight Reels

Create highlight reels from multiple clips to tell a story or show patterns

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Add clips and highlight reels to reports and collections to quickly share anyone