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Find existing research and insights — fast.

Implementing Aurelius’ qualitative research repository and analysis platform means instantly gathering common insights and requests from various teams, giving a readout upwards to leadership, and proving your findings.


Formally collect & store data

Without a way of collecting common insights from various teams and customers, it’s really difficult to stay on top of your product requests. Aurelius’ organized platform allows unlimited users to access and input data instantly.

Integrate with your current tech stack

Storing files in Confluence, tasks in JIRA, and notes in Google docs leaves your research unorganized and underutilized. Integrating your tech stack with Aurelius means optimizing your workflow and time.

Jira Integration

Send key insights and recommendations from your research right in the place your development teams work

Zapier Integration

Connect Aurelius to over +3000 apps like Slack, Trello, Confluence and more

Magic Upload

Upload a document and create notes in Aurelius like magic

Give verbatim feedback through transcriptions

Notes don’t stack up to the voice of your customer. Record, transcribe, and parse your interviews into insights from the actual phrases that your customers are using — all within Aurelius.

Discover Patterns, Create Themes, Capture Insights

Quickly tag notes, use AI Assist to create a summary paragraph and key themes or create affinity diagrams and make sense of research with Analysis Board.

AI Assist for Aurelius - Automatically generate a summary paragraph and key themes from any research data - turn them into searchable key insights in seconds
Analysis Board - affinity diagrams for UX Research

Build user stories based on interviews

Instead of just telling your engineering teams what you need, how about turning customer quotes into user stories directly? Aurelius allows you to take interviews and turn them into user stories that guarantee improved product and customer experiences.

Key Insights

Capture findings with all your supporting data and documents


Create action items and outcomes from research linked with supporting key insights

Report Builder

Automatically create a research report on every project

Group 34

Quickly capture clips from audio and video recordings

Group 37
Highlight Reels

Create highlight reels from multiple clips to tell a story or show patterns

Group 38

Add clips and highlight reels to reports and collections to quickly share anyone

Share data with anyone, anywhere

Aurelius’ unlimited user outlook means sharing your findings with any and every stakeholder or cross-functional partner. Share live data and instantly see where your research stands.

Organize and share research in Aurelius

Group and organize key insights and recommendations from across multiple projects around a central theme, persona, product, feature, etc.

Unlimited Users

Invite anyone and everyone from your company with no extra charge

Read Only Access

Add team members, stakeholders and clients to see your research in read-only format

Ready to gather, store, and share common insights instantly?

Join the hundreds of product designers utilizing Aurelius' powerful qualitative research platform today.