per month, billed monthly


  • Projects
    Organize all your research activities into projects
  • Notes
    Collect notes, observations and data from all your research efforts
  • Tags
    Add tags to notes, documents, key insights and more
  • Documents
    Upload pictures, audio, videos and more
  • Key Insights
    Create findings or nuggets of what you learned from research
  • Automatic Report Builder
    Automatically create a research report on every project
  • Transcriptions
    Transcribe audio and video files in over 180 different languages
  • Charts
    Visualizations of your research data and themes
  • Clips & Highlight Reels
    Group 37
    Quickly capture key moments from research recordings and create highlight reels to share important themes and tell a story.
  • Analysis Board
    Group 39
    Drag and drop notes, capture themes create affinity diagrams
  • AI Assist
    Group 16
    Automatically generate a summary paragraph and key themes

All tiers include: Unlimited Users, Unlimited Projects and Unlimited Storage

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