About Us

Our Company & Mission

We want you to be a hero for your products and customers

We've been making or improving digital products and services over a combined 20+ years. We get it, we've been in your shoes. Our job in designing and creating digital experiences in companies ranging from Fortune 100s to a person in their basement with an idea taught us one very important thing. Success is less about the designing or developing of the product. Success relies on making the best, most informed decisions for our customers. Things get in the way sometimes. Politics, budgets, deadlines and a lack of information can all kill even the best products.

We made Aurelius for you. You want to create a remarkable user experience for the products and services you deliver, and we want to help. Get everyone on board, to see what you already know and start making the best design and product decisions ever with Aurelius.

Our Team


Zack Naylor - CEO, Co-Founder

Zack has been helping people make better and more informed design and product decisions for over 10 years ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies in nearly every industry there is. He was an early contributor to several startups such as ModCloth.com, Lockerz and Pikimal as well as Principal UX Designer at The Nerdery, successfully helping teams with wide ranging needs create sound goals, conduct customer research and connect intelligent insights to product decisions.


Joseph Szczesniak - CTO, Co-Founder

Joseph has architected and developed everything from small intranet sites to enterprise-level global solutions with experience across big data, machine learning, data analysis, mobile and modern web applications. He has been able to help organizations of all sizes in all industries make smarter, more informed decisions for their digital products and services in technology. He is an active contributor to the open source community, and helped create the groundbreaking curriculum of a new approach for development education at Prime Digital Academy.