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"Aurelius has helped our UX research team house LOTS of feedback for the entire company to easily digest!"

Josh Kaeding, Senior User Experience Researcher at 3M

Organize your user research the way you want


Aurelius projects keep your research efforts neatly organized by study, product, feature or theme. Create projects and categories in the way best for you.

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See every single note, data point, document or Key Insight from EVERY project within Aurelius for each individual tag.

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Every single Key Insight you’ve ever made from user research and customer feedback is all aggregated in one spot.

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Find anything by keywords or tags

Search everything in Aurelius by keyword, tags or both! Find and reuse research notes and Key Insights faster than ever before. Quickly find what you learned across every project in Aurelius to build themes and share research knowledge with everyone.

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...or both!

Quickly answer the question “Do we have research on this?”


Organize and share Key Insights in seconds

Group and share key research findings from any and all of your projects in one place. Collections allow you to quickly create a group of key insights to make a research report, answer a stakeholder question or share what you learned about a specific topic or theme.

Help everyone see what you already know

Key Insights (aka "nuggets")

Rapidly create Key Insights or UX research nuggets and link every single note, observation or document that backs up and supports what you learned.

Share the high points of what you learned with all the supporting individual data behind it so your team can design and build better products and features in a snap.

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"Okay I love Key Insights. Damn this is better than Trello. It lets me tackle the big picture on topics that cross categories. It also lets me "show my work" and back up my insights with evidence easily. Okay I really really like this."

Joel Lueders, Freelance UX Designer

"I like being able to look at the notes/observations that back up my insight and the tags that make it up. I don’t have to copy insights over from one document to another document and I can keep some traceability to the specific sessions or notes that made up that insight."

John Pawlenty, UX Designer at Paylocity

From the Aurelius blog: How to Create UX Research Nuggets like Polaris from WeWork

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Create as many research studies, products or projects you want in Aurelius, no extra charge.

You don’t need to worry about how many different sets of research data you have, put it all in Aurelius to make brilliant products and features without limitations.

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Analyze and Synthesize User Research Data

Figure out what you learned from all your user research notes and feedback faster and easier than ever

Create Key Insights and Nuggets

Create and share key insight nuggets from your user research to communicate and share what you learned with all the supporting details

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