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Aurelius helps you organize research notes, tag data to find patterns and themes and capture insights and findings


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Aurelius is the more streamlined, more powerful tool designed by researchers, for researchers.

Instead of guessing at what the data really means/missing out on game-changing insights now you can...

Tag User Research and Interview Notes

Organize Research Notes and Find Patterns in Moments


Collect notes, observations and data from all your research efforts


Add tags to notes, documents, key insights and more


Transcribe audio from user interviews and research sessions

"The tool itself is powerful simplicity - it's what researchers do already, just, now there's a tool that does it. For any kind of qualitative research, you're already doing this somehow. This is a tool that helps you do it better."

Sean Connelly

User Researcher

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Make Sense of Information and Discover Clear Patterns

Slice and dice your research data by tags, keywords and sentiment to figure out what you learned

Keyword Search + Bulk Tag

Quickly search notes across multiple sessions or participants and create groups or themes to analyze later

Sentiment for Notes

Add positive or negative sentiment to notes for richer analysis and filtering

Automatic Keyword Analysis

Sort and filter by auto-generated keywords from your notes and data

"I'm now able to quickly synthesize a higher volume of data than ever before and pull it into my work seamlessly. I didn't think this was possible without an enterprise tool."

Anna Bolton

Conversion Copywriter

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Instead of agonizing over how to show what you know in research reports that no one really gets now you can...

Create Findings and Key Insights

Turn raw data to key insights and nuggets

Key Insights

Create findings or nuggets of what you learned from research

Create Recommendations

Go beyond findings and create recommendations from your research with linked key insights to support your recommendations

Report Builder

Automatically create a research report on every project

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