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User Research Repository - Everything In One Place

Keep all your data and insights in one place to search and reuse

Aurelius a searchable repository where you can track insights that span multiple projects in one central place. Search, share and store UX research with ease.

User Research Repository

Tag, Code and Analyze User Research Faster

Figure out what you learned from user research in a fraction of the time

Tag all your research notes and customer feedback. Create themes and find patterns faster and easier than ever.

Create Key Insights and UX Nuggets

From raw data to Key Insights in moments

Aurelius makes building a central repository of high level findings and insights a breeze. Create, tag and share Key Insights from user research with supporting notes and documents to give everyone full detail and context to what you learned.

Turn this...

...into this

Search Across ALL Your Research Studies

Search across multiple studies by keywords, tags or both

Find and reuse research notes and Key Insights faster than ever before. Quickly find what you learned across every project in Aurelius to find and share global themes and knowledge with your teams.

Share User Research Findings and Key Insights

Quickly Answer the Question “Do we have any research on this?”

Quickly find and share research insights in real time with anyone and everyone. When someone asks “What do we know about…”, Aurelius helps you find and share the answer.

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All Features - Full Access - No Credit Card Required

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"Aurelius is flexible to accommodate a range of research projects—from usability tests to expert interviews to field research. And we can easily revisit our notes and insights to respond to evolving business needs and questions. No more mining research reports and spreadsheets hidden away long ago in a forgotton folder."

Bethany Stolle

Design Research Lead at Blackboard

"If you do any sort of research, strategy or business development, Aurelius will become your new go-to tool. It helps make sense of the mess of information, see patterns, track your thoughts, deepen understanding and even concept out communication. Best research tool I have used yet, both solo and with a team."

Callie Blixrud

UX Strategist and Researcher

“Aurelius is a great product which allows us to do qualitative data analysis to find patterns and create a searchable repository of insights from our research. This helps us track our work and also answer the big question "do you have any research on x,y,z?" when we get it.”

Stephanie Pratt

User Experience Researcher at GoCanvas

“The ability to tag, and create insights gave me a low effort way to track and reference insights when having product discussions... our team of ~20 designers was looking for a way to keep track of all of the research we’ve been acquiring. To be honest Box notes and Confluence pages just weren’t cutting it for us.”

John Pawlenty

UX Designer at Paylocity

"I feel very valued as a customer. I would highly recommend has helped a new UX research team house LOTS of feedback for the entire company to easily digest!"

Josh Kaeding

Senior User Experience Researcher at 3M

"…all the research findings in the world are meaningless unless you can derive meaning from them… Aurelius helps me make sense out of the forest of findings.

Joe Sokohl

Senior UX Consultant and Strategist at Liquid Hub & Regular Joe Consulting

“The tool itself is powerful simplicity - it's what researchers do already, just, now there's a tool that does it. For any kind of qualitative research, you're already doing this somehow. This is a tool that helps you do it better.“

Sean Connelly

User Researcher

“… I love it! It helps me to stick user feedback there and get it out of my email inbox, and when I'm ready to work through it, it's all in one place. Great tool and very easy to use.”

Mallory Kwiatkowski

Change Manager at University of Michigan

"Okay I love Key Insights. Damn this is better than Trello. It lets me tackle the big picture on topics that cross categories. It also lets me "show my work" and back up my insights with evidence easily. Okay I really really like this."

Joel Lueders

VR Concierge & Experience Designer

"It's a great way to organise and find research insights easily and quickly. Its clean interface allows me to simply get what I need, rather than searching through features..."

Joe Moran

Product Research Scientist at Cogito Corp

"Overall, Aurelius is a great tool. I have been looking for a product that not only helps organize research/product output but also create an environment of collaboration… I realized it was an easy way to import past research to influence current research projects and an easy way to answer small questions asked by business owners that did not warrant a project."

Bridget Feickert

Senior Experience Designer at Life Time

“Super easy to get started, easy workflow, powerful tool for backing up your ideas. This type of tool seems like the missing link between research and action. Much needed for so many companies.”

Jake Haugen

Senior User Experience Designer at The Trade Desk

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